neděle 30. června 2013

sobota 29. června 2013

flea market

today we decide to visit local flea market which was totally amazing! but i think i better start at the early morning :)

first of all we woke up at 6-7am and traveled by the doubledecker. i have traveled by the doubledecker for the first time and it was amazing :)

the  att the fleamarket it was super cool! at first i though i am not going to buy anything, but i have found dr who magnet for £0.10 :) and then i have found tiny ironman for 0,50 and then super8 camera with films for just £12 and that is super cool! i have to buy batteries and i hope it will work, but it looks amazing. then i have found star trek next generation pillow cover and blanket cover for just £2 and then book of tim burton for just £1 and tshirt of rolingstones for just £1. and also an elephant pyjama for just as £2. i wanted to buy an batman adult suit but we have found out it has a hole in the crotch which was soo creepy, so i did not buy that, lol. but we did found mr bitchplease and got him for free and also i got an little big brittain quiz dvd for free :) then we went by walk way back home and i have bought new jacket in the secondhand for just £2. and we also have visited toy store where i have bought pocket size ironman which i wanted for so long. then we visited some clothes shop and i have bought cool hat and panties.

after that we went for a dinner to the chineese restaurant again and then we took a walk. and i saw a seaguls and also shop with awesome bags. then i saw a little house in the middle of the trees :)

and then i think thats all :)


pátek 28. června 2013

fast blog

today we went for a trip by the black taxi cab. we saw the sea, the lighthouse, francis drake and ate an chinese all you can eat and drank english beer. see the photos :)


čtvrtek 27. června 2013

moshi moshi

i almost wanted to say "nothing special happened today" cause actually i spent all day watching nicktoons and spongebob and other cartoons. but then i have realized actually alex came home today with a new tattoo ♥ thats pretty cool :) and i shot moshi monster holga ;)

also i was searching for some job offers on the website. asap i would love to look for something by myself. i already saw some interesting places. i will see.

oh and today we have send new photos to the site (i am so excited!) awww


středa 26. června 2013


had dream first night.

about favorite pub, but at different place. and everything just looked different. but we drank some beer as usual. and there was homemade bread (i though its homemade, but they told me its not) but it taste great. there was one of the bartenders i know and we were talking. and other friends were there too. but i still felt sad. thats all. i think it was actually in england. or something like that.

also today

today a had also visited jobs center and saw other things at the pet shop. i really do like the city. it is even more interesting i ever had expect! there is also modelshop with action figures and thats not all whats awesome! you could also design your own teddy bear. and also today i spent a lot of time watching spongebob, lol

on my mind

strangelove to strangeglove

pet shop

has visited pet shop today and found nemo :)

city sigh see

lets go to the mall, today :)

úterý 25. června 2013

home sweet home

finally has arrived. traveled by the real black taxi cab, amazing!

brittish humour

omg i just feel like in some of my favorite brittish tv series :D the accent of the people is fabulous :D

past and future

well, i think i better start new blogpost.

so many (weird) things happened to me past days, weeks, months

i dont have any expectation about this journey, cause i dont want get disapointed. but i really hope i can get some peace, cleany mind and so on blah blah blah

i dont wanna tun from anything, really. and i dont say it just because.
this was my dream. to travel. to live somewhere different. to live alone. to live in england. really no matter its not the legendary london. even i am not from prague and you see - i live (sort of)

if you have some problem, then its your problem

not mine

thanks for suppport, really...

(time 14:00 - cz)

london calling

2013-06-25 12,20pm take of wheeee

i am already in the plane, waiting for take off. i am really so excited, but also scared and even lil bit sad.

my mum was my company as long as possible and that helped me a lot. even i did everything by my own. booked tickets for airplane and tickets for train. then i was all alone at the airport for the first time. so proud of myself. i would love to do everythig by my own now, cause i have found you just can expext anythig from anyone. the longer you expect, the longer you wait.

the weather is VERY rainy and that makes me wanna cry. maybe if it would be better weather, i wont be so sad... but whatever

anyway, since i have no internet connection, i am writting this on my blogger app on my phone, i am curious if the post got the date i save it. so now its like 12:25 so when i update we will see :)

anyway, i am going to be in plymouth 19:25, pfff

edit: 13:31 - we had one hour delay. so happy i have bought my train tickets for more late time

btw: has switched my mobile phobe to uk english

oh and i even got cute vegetarian lunch. i really did not expect that. it was delicious. and sprinkle means no bubbles, right? ;)


london calling

omfg i am in london !!!


the fact i just buy tickets, take a bag and travel

pondělí 24. června 2013

longest yourney

so, tomorrow i am going for a longest journey. my own longest yourney all alone.

i am scared. i am excited.

to tell the truth - i cant wait the travel at its own and even i really would love to be at the final destination. cause i am scared if everything works the way it should works.

i have never ever traveled like that before. it would be for the first time. something new. mystery.

wish me luck

pátek 14. června 2013

god save the queen


here we go

i am not very good at those blog things, but i'll try again. i never was a bloger. and i never ever like it at all. but i would love to keep that lil bit as "diary"

first of - i am going to travel to united kingdom, just to save the queen ;)

let me see what do we have

fly tickets and train tickets - check
passport - check
credit card - check
suit cases - check
money - so so (need to exchange some)

now i have to decide what i am going to pack, cause 51 t-shirt i have alredy choosen is really too much :(

date of fly - 25.6.2013 12:20

be prepared for me, queen