neděle 11. srpna 2013

god save the queen

i think its time to close this blog

maybe i could start some new one

but to tell the truth not sure if i would have the time to write it

tomorrow i want to unpack my stuff and then i start search for the job




i am pissed already


because of the delay we will fly as fast as possible

you dont have to, sirencely

just fly safely


final frontier

so, there it is ...

i am flying

they i could choose the seat - and i have chosen the worst one, lol..

at the wing and there is kicking children behind me...

so i am listening to star trek first movie ost. thats kind of cool while flying

but it also makes me to cry little bit

dont know if i feel more arriving or more leaving

we will see



it was like leaving family

even we knew each other so short

oh, and george overslept and missed his flight. shit happens...

now i am waiting in the queue and its like - going home?

i am confused

you put all those bags to airport by your own? no, by car, lol :)

also we had delay

saved the queen

forgot to tell you - yesterday i saved the queen

so, today i am leaving

so much sad :(

sobota 10. srpna 2013