neděle 4. srpna 2013

reggae festival

today i decide for a lazy day again, because i was so drunk yesterday.

so i woke up at late morning and had some breakfast.

then george said he is going to reggae festival. he told that to others, so we decide to go there.

george also made some lunch, so we had the lunch and then around 4pm we went to that reggae festival by bus.

then we got there

there were so much music and so many people. it was very cool!

then i just got lost in the middle of the streets and in the middle of the people.

that was cool. i was just standing here and was pushed by the people and really didnt know where the others are.

then i remembered they were going to metro station to meet another friend, so i have asked policeman how to get to that station.

so u get there and found them. i just shown there like scotty just beam me up, lol. such a happy meeting :)

i am so proud of myself, i found them :)

then we got some beer and went to some pub and had another beer there.

then the music stopped and the crowds went away. there was such a mess in the streets. lol, but it was cool.

i asked a policeman if i can take a pictuee of him with the graffiti. he said he is bot photogenic, but was ok with the idea :)

then girls took picture of me with the policemen, lol

then we bought some other beer and sat somewhere between the houses.

i saw some girl at the house, looking at me. she was really cute.

then she came to me and asked me for a cigarette. i dont smoke at all, but it was lovely. so i asked her if i could take a picture of her :)

then we were sitting in front of some houses like for 2-3 hours and the policemen came to us and asked us "how long have you been sitting here?" "have you seen anybody dropping anything?" "you have to leave now, we are closing the area. we need to do a research"

it was like wow - i was at the crime scene! ooooh

so we moved out and they put the tape everywhere.

so we went to the tube station, waiting for the bus.

but i need to go to the toilet so badly, but everything was closed already. so i went to mc donald and there was only one toilet working, it was horrible!! also one guy skipped the queue, said he had cancer and he cant hold it anymore. ok, girls infront of me let him in. but he was there like 20 minutes. i though i am going to die....

but then i was quite ok

the guys told me i just carry so much stuff...

its true

i should free myself lil bit more

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