čtvrtek 1. srpna 2013

jeans and denmark street

i have to say, today morning i was so damn pissed off. i also was thinking about getting back to hostel and stay there. causebit was so damn hot and i wore skinny jeans. and had so heavu bag which keeps gwtting open all the time. it just drove me crazy.

so i just went to baker street to see if there is possibility of seeing sherlock holmes. there was not. but i stole the mayorship, so it made my day little bit better. then i jist went to the regents park. but it kept getting hotter, ao i decide to go to primark and buy there some cheap shorts.

while i went to primark, i found dispay of things people forgot in london traffic, it was really crazy, lol.

tben i went to the tesco, just check out and i found cherry tree cola! my favorite! i had to buy one, even it was super expensive.

then i just went to oxford street and got pissed even more, cause there were so damn a lot of people qhih drove me crazy. but theree was such a cute guy holding sign "youbare beautiful" i know its "stupid" but it konda made me smile. i asked him if i can take a picture :)

then i found some alternative streets to the oxford street and it was very much interesting andni shot a lot of pictures there.

then i got to primark finally. i even dont know how i got there.

so i found some amazing shorts, amazing jeans, some cute tshirts a lovely lingerie

then i just went to mcdonald and changed here and i felt so much better.

you know, it was like being in skinny jeans at sauna, really horrible... i jist wanted cry...

then i was just walking around and realized i am near to breakfast club. i was kind of hungry so i decide to visit bf club again.

when i came here i was like "hello" and the waiter was like "hello again!" thaft was so sweet!

so i got scrambled eggs with salmon and toast and water and iced tea and then elvis. the bill was quite huge, but i though deserve that..

then i went through the backdoors, like a hippie heah... so it tooks me to some interesting places again

well, then i just found a club where bowoe had somw of his gigs and i found its near of soho.

so i decide to go there.

the the true is i was not able to fojnd that club, but...

i just went to some street and found out there is a shop with guittars. i saw they are nearby closing, so i just went there and said "may i just take a quick look?" "sure" ok.. i was looking for some super cheap ukulele, but havent found any.

but i checked here and found its a denmark street! the streeet i was looking for couple of days ago.

so i went back to the shop, where the shopkeeper was playing guittar and i just asked him "is this the shop where david bowie andnhis band was buing guittars?" and he said "no, it is not. but across the street there is an ex recording studio. it is a guittar shop also"

so i went there

another cool guittar shop!

so i asked there "execuse me, is this the guittar shop where david bowoe and his band were buying guittars?" and the shopkeeper said "not it is not, but it was a record studio where rolling stones did their first album" omg - thats the coolest thing ever!!!

then i remembered there should be a house where wasnthe first artist agency david bowie ever sign for.

so i was searching for 7 denmark st. london. and i found it!

it was blue house with blue doors.

while inwas trying to shoot that house, in was just stepping backward...

and it lead me to another guittar shop also with used ones. so that could be cheap!

this guittar shop was also nearly to close.. but i decide to ask quickly...

"execuse me, do you have any small and cheap musical instrument?" he showed me some classic guittar which was for £99. and i was like "actually, i am looking for some interesting, cheapest thing in this shop, cause i just wanna have something from this street. and also it should be the smallest, because i am travelling by plane" and the shopkeeper jist said "oh i see, i know what you mean" and showed me some beautiful guitar and said its just for £50. i didnt want guittar at first, cause i wanted something small. but hey, even the ukulele cost like £50!

and that guittar... i just felt in love

i asked him if i can try to play, cause of my hand. and i havent been plahing on guittar aroind 10 years or so.. but when i sat there and try to play, it was like magic....

so i said i am going to buy

he said that guittar is actually kind old, cause its from sixties, which is pretty cool!

i also bought union jack (popruh)

then he asked me where i am from and i said from czech republic / prague, so the guittar would travel by plane (i hope it will be ok)

and he said i did very cool buy, cause the guittar is really wonderful

yoi know that feeling when things happens just the way it should, right?

then i decide to go home and i saw funny fly named fred in billboard. while shootingnit the guys from pub were like "hey, its fred!" "its fred, he's been there for ever!" hahah cool

then i went to grocery store, and while inwas shopping, the shopkeeper gave me baguette for free. so lovely!

have to go sleep now

i will be moving tomorrow


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