pondělí 5. srpna 2013

skateboard graveyard

today was very lazy day again, as we went sleep very late yesterda.

and i was so much tired.

when i woke up in the morning i though it must be 12 or so but it was almost 9am, so thats quite ok.

so i finally woke up and took a shower.

then i was not able to decide what to do.

so i though it would be bad weather, so i better go somewhere when i can hide myself.

i decide to travel by bus to euston. here i took some pictures and was thinking about living in london a lot...

then i decide to buy some book for my guittar, so i decide to go to soho and visit some guittar shop or shop next to the vintage shop.

first of i sat in some park in soho and then it start raining, so i went somewhere else.

i have found big bookstore and spent there like milion hours. i was swarching for some book for the guittar and also for some modeling and photographic books, but didnt bought any.

then while i was in soho i remembered there should be the lomography shop. so i decide to visit and i have bought there baby diana :love:

its the sweetest one :)

and also london lomo city guide

and because of the foursquare i got free badges, lovely.

then i took a walk to embankment to see the skateboard graveyard.

i though it would be bigger and there was also some mess (not just skateboards) and it was kind of sad, cause it was raining..

so i decide to go somewhere else.

and i have accidentally found the embankment skatepark from sherlock holmes! coolest place ever! i have also sign the petition for saving this place. even if i read today, goverment support this place (but sounds strange to me)

anyway, it was very cool!

then i had to wait because of the heavy rain. so i ate my toast there.

i have also visited wonderground, but most of the things were closed.

then i decide to go to blackfriars station and i had found the piers from sherlock holmes :)

better and better

i took a lot of pictures

and then i just took a walk around globe and tate gallery and i have bought peanuts and just remembered as i was there while on highschool.

then i just catch some metro nearby, but it was wrong one and they said its going to be closed. and i also took some very long one, so i decide to get off and go by bus again. also because it was very hot at metro station

tomorrow i would love to visit sherlock holmes, tate gallery or go to park and play guittar...


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