pátek 9. srpna 2013


because we went sleep like at 3,30am i really was not able to wake up in the morning..

also i had some really vivid dreams about my friends.

at the morning i realized i was really drunk at night, lol

so i woke up around noon, and decide to go to the elephant & castle

i went outside and was very hungry, so i decide to buy fishburger at local fish and chips. there was mr. monk in the shop. hahaha. very cool.

i had to wait for my lunch to prepare and then i went to the park.

but there were some old guys, silently starring at me. that creeps me out.

so i went somewhere else and then went to underground, cause today i am going to elephant&castle

oh and todag my set went on mr, but it has not good % :-S

btw, happy stark week


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