pátek 2. srpna 2013


today i had to woke up quite early, because of the moving to another room in another house.

when i woke up  i found a letter under the doors. it said patrik would be 15 minutes late, but i can leave the stuff here and he will move it. but i wanted to know where my stuff is going to be moved to and also i needed the keys, lol. and it was already almost the time. so i just decide to wait.

so i wait

and wait..

and then was like 10:00 and some guy with girl came there.

the guy said patrik probably forgot about me, lol

so we took all my stuff and moved it to another room, it was quite easy.

then i did some of my stuff and had some talk with the guys of the room

what a pitty i havent found them sooner...

so we had some lunch and then i decide to go outside to see skme museum

but it was so much hot so i decide to take my new lovely and and go to the park

i went to the regents park and sat there and try to play guittar and also feeding squirrel. that was so cute

then i decide to go back to hostel, cause tomorrow i would be busy and need to sleep.

so i went back to hostel and there was some guy and he knew my name and told me i have such an artistic name and i should do some art. and so thats cool i have the guittar and i should stay here in london. so he can even find some job for me. lol. cause they are even waiting for people like me, lol

yeah, its interesting and crazy idea..

well i will see what in prague

i can decide any time i want. dont i?

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