neděle 4. srpna 2013


today morning i met with sweetest wendy

we have met at amazing camden town

first i want to get there by train but it while waiting for that i have found out it would take so much time. so i went back and took bus.

it was double decker and i had traveled at the front window. very cool.

then i had to change to underground and then i went to camden town - such a magic place!

i met wendy, she is such a sweetheart!

we have checked some of the shops and i have bought velvet uderground and nico album. cause i found it in the store by accident :)

then we saw some of the amazing and cute shops and we also met wendys friend. it was very cute and lovely day!

i have bought there like 5 sunglasses and a jacket

then me and wendy went to the brew dog pub and got some beer (i had punk ipa) and we took some silly pictures

then wendy said she knows some cute pub nearby so we went there and it was truly amazing. i had blue moon beer and leffe blond there.

we were talk a lot and it was fantastic!

then wendy had to go so i went home too

but when i went home, guys said they are going to pub with girls and invite me too. so i said why not

so we went to some pub like 15 minutes away and it was really cool

girls were dancing to some songs and i was drinking beers with guys. i also found some shakespeare book in the pub (but at the morning i realized its not that much cool as i though yesterday)

also we were drinking some shots - not that great idea at all.

then we went back to the house and i was actually drunk and so tired eo i basically went sleep..

i dont remember how i went to bed, lol. but i went there so i dont care ;)

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