neděle 11. srpna 2013

god save the queen

i think its time to close this blog

maybe i could start some new one

but to tell the truth not sure if i would have the time to write it

tomorrow i want to unpack my stuff and then i start search for the job




i am pissed already


because of the delay we will fly as fast as possible

you dont have to, sirencely

just fly safely


final frontier

so, there it is ...

i am flying

they i could choose the seat - and i have chosen the worst one, lol..

at the wing and there is kicking children behind me...

so i am listening to star trek first movie ost. thats kind of cool while flying

but it also makes me to cry little bit

dont know if i feel more arriving or more leaving

we will see



it was like leaving family

even we knew each other so short

oh, and george overslept and missed his flight. shit happens...

now i am waiting in the queue and its like - going home?

i am confused

you put all those bags to airport by your own? no, by car, lol :)

also we had delay

saved the queen

forgot to tell you - yesterday i saved the queen

so, today i am leaving

so much sad :(

sobota 10. srpna 2013

shit music

when you dance with a girl, you are not able to see the others


natural born killers

today i woke up quite early amd went to the camden town.

i supposed to meet wendy again, but she said, she is not able to come. so i went there anyway and was there alone and it was kinda ok.

i found out, when i am alone, i do the most and i do what i want.

i dont need others to talk to my life and i dont need to talk to the people...

so i wasnin camden and i bought some gifts for others and also some cute tshirt for myself.

because it was lunchtime and i felt tired i decide to have some lunch, so i had paela and it was really tasty and gave me energy.

i think i spent there like ages, but it was super cool.

at the begining i have wisited some cool shop with punk/rock/goth clothes.

there was some punk/rock/goth girl and i have asked her if i can take picture of her and she replied angry "no fucking picture of me!"

well, ok, thats why i have asked, lol

then some cool punkrock guy came to me: if you would love to see old classic england, come on excursion with me.

so i went into the basement and there was some stuff from 70.s like leather jackets, flanel jackets and other cool stuff. so i have tried some, but the guy said its big for me and i said its short for me.

then i have asked him if he has any punk trousers.

and he said

"oh yes, sure, come with me. follow me"

so i had followed him. like two stages up. and then we went into some room full of trousers. he gave me like 3 pairs of them and said "try it here"

lol, awesome!

then he said i should pay to the boss, and i decide to ask for the union jack flag (because that was the last thing missing) and he brought me to the punk/rock/goth/whatever lady again and she just put her hand into the bag and said "here is your god damn english flag!"

then at the evening i was not sure if i should visit primark, but then i decide to visit and there was so damn lot people...

but i bought some shirt (maybe i should buy more) and some.t-shirts..

and then i just went home and now we are at the pub..

todau i had so many flashbacks and it was kind... teribble... shit happens...

we will see tomorrow


pátek 9. srpna 2013

elephant & castle

late blog entry

but today i have visited elephant & castle finaly

and it was, well interesting :)

true england underground, lol

rednecks, punkers, narcomans, hahaha lol

i saw charlie chaplin pub (they said its the pub charlie has visited while he was living there)

then i saw shopping center and bought some magazines.

and then i went to oxford circus by feet and it was pretty cool :)

also i saw solar queen ;)

and then i packed my stuff

sunday i am traveling... really hope everything went well...



because we went sleep like at 3,30am i really was not able to wake up in the morning..

also i had some really vivid dreams about my friends.

at the morning i realized i was really drunk at night, lol

so i woke up around noon, and decide to go to the elephant & castle

i went outside and was very hungry, so i decide to buy fishburger at local fish and chips. there was mr. monk in the shop. hahaha. very cool.

i had to wait for my lunch to prepare and then i went to the park.

but there were some old guys, silently starring at me. that creeps me out.

so i went somewhere else and then went to underground, cause today i am going to elephant&castle

oh and todag my set went on mr, but it has not good % :-S

btw, happy stark week


čtvrtek 8. srpna 2013

guittar case

today i decide to buy hard guittar case. so i took my guittar, put on glasses and went to the city. and it was most amazing feeling

i love london and the people

and yoi can spot the londoner and you can spot the tourist

i love to be like londoner

when i was walking the streets, some pirate girl shouted on me "hey you, girl with the guittar, join us!"


then i bought the case and they gave me discount, it was so sweet

i love london


i want to come back here asap

then i was walking streets with guittar case and with black glasses and i felt le man in black

oh johnny

my set is on tomorrow!


středa 7. srpna 2013

úterý 6. srpna 2013

sick and tired

today just felt so much sick and tired...

i woke up quite soon and was deciding where to go today.

because it was already after 9am i decide to see the museum of brands. i have found out its at nothing hill and also nearby the portobello street (which i also wanted to visit)

at first i stucked myself in the antique book and comic store. it was amazing place with funny messages on the shelves. i reall can imagine myself at place like this. Iit was really cool. i have also found there is a book of red dwarf and they sold it to me just for £0.50, cool

then i decide to see some of the shops of the portobello street and then i went to the museum of brands.

it was not possible to shoot there anything, but it was very cool and amazing place. i really loved the stuff. a lot of the stuff and things just reminded me my childhood. the childhood i never know i had, or it was some of my ex lives.. cause most of those memories are for the 60-70-80s stuff.. really weird..

there was also a lot of startrek and starwars stuff, hahaha cool

then i just start to feel worse and worse.. so i decide better go home.

i decide to buy some coke and bananas. when i was buying the bananas i decide to buy some green ones, because they looked pretty. but the shopkeeper told me its for cooking :)

i went home like around 3pm and have slept like till 6pm.. i felt little bit better, so i decide to go outside for a while and play guittar..

as i went to the playground, some black guys asked me to play for them, i told them i havent play on guittar for ten years, so i just want to practise. then the guy told me the other guy is jay-z and i told him i know who jay-z is and he said he's just kidding. then i sat on the bench and was watching people exercise. some of the runners asked me to play for them. and then i have found the guittar is out of order and i am not able to fix it :(((

so no guittar in london for me anymore

today is very sad day


pondělí 5. srpna 2013

skateboard graveyard

today was very lazy day again, as we went sleep very late yesterda.

and i was so much tired.

when i woke up in the morning i though it must be 12 or so but it was almost 9am, so thats quite ok.

so i finally woke up and took a shower.

then i was not able to decide what to do.

so i though it would be bad weather, so i better go somewhere when i can hide myself.

i decide to travel by bus to euston. here i took some pictures and was thinking about living in london a lot...

then i decide to buy some book for my guittar, so i decide to go to soho and visit some guittar shop or shop next to the vintage shop.

first of i sat in some park in soho and then it start raining, so i went somewhere else.

i have found big bookstore and spent there like milion hours. i was swarching for some book for the guittar and also for some modeling and photographic books, but didnt bought any.

then while i was in soho i remembered there should be the lomography shop. so i decide to visit and i have bought there baby diana :love:

its the sweetest one :)

and also london lomo city guide

and because of the foursquare i got free badges, lovely.

then i took a walk to embankment to see the skateboard graveyard.

i though it would be bigger and there was also some mess (not just skateboards) and it was kind of sad, cause it was raining..

so i decide to go somewhere else.

and i have accidentally found the embankment skatepark from sherlock holmes! coolest place ever! i have also sign the petition for saving this place. even if i read today, goverment support this place (but sounds strange to me)

anyway, it was very cool!

then i had to wait because of the heavy rain. so i ate my toast there.

i have also visited wonderground, but most of the things were closed.

then i decide to go to blackfriars station and i had found the piers from sherlock holmes :)

better and better

i took a lot of pictures

and then i just took a walk around globe and tate gallery and i have bought peanuts and just remembered as i was there while on highschool.

then i just catch some metro nearby, but it was wrong one and they said its going to be closed. and i also took some very long one, so i decide to get off and go by bus again. also because it was very hot at metro station

tomorrow i would love to visit sherlock holmes, tate gallery or go to park and play guittar...