úterý 6. srpna 2013

sick and tired

today just felt so much sick and tired...

i woke up quite soon and was deciding where to go today.

because it was already after 9am i decide to see the museum of brands. i have found out its at nothing hill and also nearby the portobello street (which i also wanted to visit)

at first i stucked myself in the antique book and comic store. it was amazing place with funny messages on the shelves. i reall can imagine myself at place like this. Iit was really cool. i have also found there is a book of red dwarf and they sold it to me just for £0.50, cool

then i decide to see some of the shops of the portobello street and then i went to the museum of brands.

it was not possible to shoot there anything, but it was very cool and amazing place. i really loved the stuff. a lot of the stuff and things just reminded me my childhood. the childhood i never know i had, or it was some of my ex lives.. cause most of those memories are for the 60-70-80s stuff.. really weird..

there was also a lot of startrek and starwars stuff, hahaha cool

then i just start to feel worse and worse.. so i decide better go home.

i decide to buy some coke and bananas. when i was buying the bananas i decide to buy some green ones, because they looked pretty. but the shopkeeper told me its for cooking :)

i went home like around 3pm and have slept like till 6pm.. i felt little bit better, so i decide to go outside for a while and play guittar..

as i went to the playground, some black guys asked me to play for them, i told them i havent play on guittar for ten years, so i just want to practise. then the guy told me the other guy is jay-z and i told him i know who jay-z is and he said he's just kidding. then i sat on the bench and was watching people exercise. some of the runners asked me to play for them. and then i have found the guittar is out of order and i am not able to fix it :(((

so no guittar in london for me anymore

today is very sad day


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